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Message from the Chairman

First of all, thank you for your attention Zhejiang Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.!
Jiangbei medicine was born in the reform and opening up, growing up in the new century. We always adhere to the "Tengda, harmony, sophistication, integrity," the entrepreneurial spirit. Jiangbei people uphold not because of things big and difficult, not because of small things, not because of things and forget, not because of miscellaneous and wrong for the spirit, through constant change and innovation, the Quartet customers, into all directions business, so that Jiangbei people humility harmony, mutual integration, mutual absorption, harmony development, respect for the universe from the awe of harmony, to the community environment, harmony within the enterprise building to form a complete system, thus contributing to the Auspicious, peaceful, healthy and sustainable development of the environment; Jiangbei medicine to "fine" for the characteristics of the development goals, small and strong, small but fine, so that excellence in enterprise management, staff skills excellence, product quality excellence, customer service excellence; "Down-to-earth work, serious man" is Jiangbei people doing things for the basic requirements, quit bullying and trustworthiness, to avoid the pragmatic, words must line, will be fruit, always adhere to the "credibility above all else" Create value.
"Daofa natural, Tathagata!", All things have their own laws of development. Often behind the complex has its simple truth. We advocate for simplicity, the simple truth of life applied to the complex work.
Jiangbei medicine bit by bit progress, are inseparable from all the friends of concern and support, we With a grateful heart, make every effort to serve the community and return to the community.
Looking ahead, we are ready to go! Jiangbei people will, as always, that customers create value for the goal, "in good faith refinement, leading to health" for the mission, strengthen confidence and abide by integrity, hard work, determined to move, and development, Jiangbei medicine into a pole With international competitiveness of the pharmaceutical companies!
"Tiandaochouqin, Houdezaiwu", with your participation and testimony, I believe Jiangbei Pharmaceutical is bound to have a better tomorrow!