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Employing the concept

Employees are the fundamental development of enterprises, excellent staff is the wealth of enterprises, is the guarantee for enterprise development. The company's management and operation of the need for truly good people, the company adhere to the principles of both ability and moral integrity, knowledge, ability and performance as the main criteria for measuring the talent, not only education, not only titles, not only qualifications, not only identity, The establishment of open, competitive, merit-oriented, is conducive to talented people come to the fore, fully display their talent selection and appointment mechanism.
In the fierce competitive environment in order to survive, and development, will always need to fight hard, we believe that the level of human cognition, and always put the talent as a business development of entrepreneurship, competition, the development of the country. Companies with its effective incentive mechanism, the cause of the development of open space, a good environment for the growth of talent and people-oriented concept of corporate culture, so that enterprises become a high ground for talent pool.
We have a good management team, "dedicated, for others", with a strong sense of responsibility and mission to a unique business philosophy to lead the leadership-yan people pioneering, innovative and enterprising, the company is the backbone of sustained and rapid development of the valuable and valuable Wealth, is the core of strong leadership and strong security. Our scientific personnel training methods, effective incentive mechanism, a fair platform for competition, broad career development space 广纳 Liangcai, to provide staff with more than just a job, it is a cause, a staff can make full We are ready to work hard to win tomorrow and achieve success together. We are looking forward to your joining.
Only if you give the best use of talent, no matter where you are, as long as you play your potential talent, as long as you have real ability, you may become the company reuse talent. The company has formed a Jingren dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of a good corporate culture. So that every capable, enterprising staff can display their talent, to achieve aspirations!
The company always adhere to the "equality, cooperation and win-win" concept, respect for each employee's personality and willingness; advocate equality in the development opportunities for all employees to design personalized career development channel to help employees achieve self-worth; Employees and the company grow together, so that each employee can Jiangbei pharmaceutical cause as their own business, whom the enthusiasm and wisdom of life.